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the best vongole pasta

Posted by Chorshiva L. on 26 Dec 2011
saya salah satu penggemar pasta vongole. sblm ke de luca saya sempat membaca beberapa review dari internet dan ada yang mengatakan bahwa vongole aglio olio nya the best in town, saya pun penasaran, begitu mencobanya, wah bener" the best in town! bumbunya yg simple tapi berasa banget. saya pun skg hanya ke de luca setiap kali ingin aglio olio vongole nya sampai saya bisa nemuin yg lebih enak dari de luca :p. untuk harga pastanya tidak terlalu mahal. rata-rata IDR 55 - 70 an saja sblm tax. tempatnya lebih cocok buat makan saja sih kalo bagi saya.

sayangnya saya tidak memotretnya karena saya kurang suka memotret makanan :p , lebih enak dinikmati hahaha

Uncomfortable Chairs and Tables

Posted by Bistro? on 06 Jun 2011
We saw this restaurant that seems to be a "happening" place and decided to try. There were 6 of us and we got the biggest table in the house, which was kind of small. Sitting comfortably was a challenge, since i was having problem resting my feet as the table's legs were in the way, and yet I couldn't positioned them at the back as the chair's bottom got a bar which prevent me to do so. The chair was high and the table was low. Very uncomfortable.

I thought i was the only one having problem sitting comfortably, until i saw the next table. It was a table for two, and the lady had to sit sideway, coz there was no room for her legs!! Clearly, they didn't try to sit down when they bought those furnitures.

The food came, sure enough waiters were having problems with the table space. The plates were big while the table top was small. We had to finish some food quickly to make room for other food.

The food itself was actually pretty good. However, I feel it's not a good value for the money. I've been to other restaurants with same food quality, but they were cheaper or bigger portion.

I would probably go back occasionally, but next time i would be very picky with the table choice. Will not choose those uncomfortable ones.

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