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Review of Wellness Reflexology

Posted by Michael T. on 17 Aug 2010
Layanan yang Sangat Baik
Tukang pijat yang profesional
Tidak ada
Aku pernah ke Wellness Reflexology dan layanan di sana sangat bagus. Untuk satu setengah jam, saya bayar Rp 125.000 dan kalau bukan akhir minggu, ongkosnya lebih murah. Aku akan kembali sering kali.

Review of Beranda Cafe

Posted by amelia o. on 13 Jul 2010
Best Caesar Salad in Town
I believe, the best Caesar Salad in this Cafe is the best in town. It has perfect blend of caesar dressing, fresh rommaine lettuce, garlic bread and the special baked crispy cheese added into it.

Review of Kiyadon Sushi

Posted by amelia o. on 13 Jul 2010
Hot Udon
Talking about Kiyadon there are many good foods to mentioned. Salmon Salad in this restaurant has a fresh and tender salmon characteristic, Sukiyaki Nabe Udon is my favorite dish. The udon served in hotbowl with generous beef slice, tofu, mushroom and half cooked egg. Various kind of sushi which has different taste and ingredients are all waiting for try.

Good and fast service in this restaurant makes it one of favorite place to eat in town. Prices are reasonable.

Review of Marche Restaurant

Posted by amelia o. on 13 Jul 2010
Switzerland Village for Hangout
You can hide in this mini Swiss Village after your boring day in the office. Enjoy fresh good meals and fresh juices.
Take a bowl of caesar salad with fresh romaine lettuce for your starter, try the roostie and beef cordon blue for your main course and if you are not full enough grab a savoury crepes and a cup of hot caffee latte after.
More money need to spent in this village resto but having its good quality and best ingredients of food and drink; you won't regret it.

Review of Eastern Promise Pub & Curry House

Posted by amelia o. on 13 Jul 2010
Superb Cheese Naan
I will go to this restaurant if I want to have Cheese Naan. The smooth and chezy Naan with thick curry soup is enough to satisfy my appetite. Don't miss its Manggo Lashi. This restaurant is a kind authentic Indian cuisine that you may want to try.

Review of Paulaner Brauhaus

Posted by amelia o. on 13 Jul 2010
Authentic German Cuisine
Some of the server need to be trained more.
This restaurant can be considered as one of Authentic German Cuisine in Jakarta. With cozy and warm environment; lunch, dinner or even hanging around with friends after working hours. Fast service is also a plus to this restaurant.

Talking about foods, good quality bavarian dishes are served at affordable price . You may like to take "Baked Potato with smoked salmon, sour cream and salad or selection of bavarian cold cuts & cured ham;as your starter, then you can also try its Hearty Goulash Soup then followed by its homeade butchery specialities " Bavarian Sausage Platter" which consist of Nuernberger, pork sausage & vienna sausage served with generous mashed potato and bavarian a must side dish " sauerkraut": If you feel you are not full enough; Bavarian Beef Goulash is worth to try; its tender and mild bavarian spices would satisfy your appetite. Don't miss a piece of Homemade Apple Strudell with crunchy pastry and honey sweet apple and vanilla sauce or grab a plate of Emperor Pancake with Apple Compote; those dessert will make your meals complete.

If you are a beer drinker; a try to a glass of its lager beer is recommended. Paulaner Brahaus is well known as it best beer reputations in its hometown "Munich" which produce beer using a 375 years old recipe founded by the Monks of St. Paola in 1634. The beer only using 4 natural basic ingredient such as barley, hops, yeast and water so its resulted a bitter and fresh taste characteristic. With a price less than Rp. 50,000 you would enjoy a freshness where you will forget your daily routine while listening to the musics. "TM"

Review of Aciap Kwetiau

Posted by amelia o. on 08 Jul 2010
Best Kwetiaw Siram dengan daging sapi yang empuk dan gurih.
Restoran yang berlokasi di Jalan Prof Satrio ini merupakan cabang dari Kwetiaw Aciap Mangga Besar. Mengenai rasa; Kwetiaw Aciap di Mangga Besar jauh lebih nikmat, mungkin karena yang menjadi koki di Mangga Besar adalah Pemiliknya Langsung. Salah satu menu yang layak dicoba adalah Kwetiaw siram dengan daging sapi dan bila anda suka urat, babat dan jeroan sapi lainnya juga tersedia dalam menu kwetiaw siram tersebut. Kwetiaw siram di restoran ini langsung di masak pada saat dipesan dan disajikan panas-panas. Kombinasi antara daging sapi yang empuk, sawi hijau dan tauge yang segar bersama kwetiaw dengan kuah sapi yang kental benar-benar menggugah selera. Pelayanan di restoran ini cukup cepat (kurang dari 10 menit) ; harganya pun sangat ramah di kantong (antara Rp. 22,500 -25,000).
Restoran ini juga menyediakan menu lainnya seperti kwetiaw (goreng, kuah, bun); nasi goreng; dan berbagai jenis minuman.
Kelemahan dari restoran ini adalah kebersihan tempat-nya yang masih kurang tapi sejauh ini saya belum pernah terkena diare setelah menikmati masakan di restoran ini.

Review of Vietopia

Posted by godangm on 07 Jul 2010
Salah satu restaurant yang menyuguhkan makanan vietnam yang enak didaerah cikini.
Tidak banyak restaurant yang menyuguhkan makanan yang enak di daerah cikini, salah satunya adalah vietopia. Jika anda datang ke restaurant ini anda harus mencoba:
Bo luc lac, Pho Bo, Pho Ga, Nasi sapi lada hitam dan kwetiaw goreng.
Ini semua sudah saya coba dan rasanya lumayan enak.
Disamping makanannya enak, tempatnya juga nyaman jadi bisa digunakan untuk ngumpul bersama teman-teman ditambah mereka juga menyediakan hotspot gratis.
Untuk harga, per orang rata-rata 50.000 - 75.000

Kelemahan dari restaurant ini terkadang penyuguhannya rada lama apalagi kalau lagi ramai.

Review of Citra Barber Shop

Posted by ricky s. on 06 Jul 2010
Nice Cut
Pelayanan yang pertama kali disambut dengan sambutan Selamat Pagi atw Selamat..... dan dipersilahkan duduk dengan senyum yang ramah. Potongan rambut pun bisa disesuaikan dengan selera para customer yang ingin rambutnya tampil beda. Harga sangat terjangkau dengan para karyawan.

Review of Outback Steakhouse

Posted by Warsteiner on 06 Jul 2010
Great taste
Menu yang dicoba adalah Prime Ribs. Tekstur dan rasa dagingnya benar-benar enak, tidak rusak oleh rasa bumbu seperti steak biasanya. Tempatnya nyaman dan tidak berisik. Tersedia Wi-Fi hotspot gratis.

Review of Martha Tilaar Salon & Day Spa

Posted by Francisca S. on 06 Jul 2010
Worth it!
Suasana nyaman, pelayanan yang diberikan cukup memuaskan, petugas ramah ; harga sesuai dengan pelayanan ; kita harus reserve dulu sebelum ke sana.
Paket yang saya ambil : spa, facial
Paket make up nya bagus ; sanggul Jawa nya bagussssssss bangettttttttzzzzzzzz

Review of Platinum Resto

Posted by Buntel on 06 Jul 2010
Nice Place
Suasana nya lumayan nyaman, tapi sayangnya pelayanan tergolong agak lama. Untuk seporsi nasi goreng special kami harus menunggu sekitar 20 menit dan rasanya kurang dari expetasi. Untuk menu yang lain seperti Combo Steak dan Tepanyaki nya layak dicoba. Harga-harga nya masih terjangkau kok.

Review of De' Leuit

Posted by Fun-TasTics on 21 Aug 2010
Makan sunda di De Leuit
Tempatnya asyik
Tempatnya asyik buat acara keluarga, ngumpul bareng teman, maupun buat pacaran.
Makanannya juga tak kalah enak, terutama nasi jambalnya, yummy....
Sebaiknya reservasi dulu kalau mau makan pas weekend, karena pastinya rame sekali.

Review of Bistro Baron & Bar

Posted by Pink B. on 28 Jun 2010
The Best French Onion Soup
Parking, Ambience
I order onion soup, duck confi and churos. The onion soup is very delicious, the cheese on top of it is not so many. It's just the right portion and taste so good. I really love the onion soup. The duck meat is tender and juicy. The churos comes with the chocolate sauce. You have to dip the churos on the chocolate sauce, it's taste wonderful.

Review of Ah Mei Cafe

Posted by rojak a. on 24 Jun 2010
Good Breakfast
Good Breakfast and Value
Nothing So Far
Good asian-food breakfast in the golden triangle of Jakarta. The staffs are attentive, friendly and knowledgeable. They have good beef murtabak (Indian style) and minced chicken meat noodle (Singaporean style). The staffs informed that lunch time is the most crowded during the day.

Review of Oakroom Restaurant & Bar

Posted by rojak a. on 22 Jun 2010
Good Deal
Almost None
Has pretty good breakfast buffet for only Rp100,000/person nett. Attentive service from the waitress: offered how the eggs to be prepared and sent to the table. No complain about this place and its service.

Review of Bistro Baron & Bar

Posted by rojak a. on 14 Jun 2010
Louzy Service
I ordered a Breakfast Plate, it has potatoes, tomato, mushrooms, beans, chicken & beef sausages, bacon, eggs and english muffin (bread). I had no appetite to eat the sausages and bacons because they don't look yummy at all.

The service was terrible because had to wait a long time for the food to be served and it was around 11:00am on Monday. And they did not even apologize and preferred to stay away from my table after I complained it was taking almost 30 minutes to get my meal. I hope the management can improve the service quality.

Review of Paramount Cantonese Restaurant

Posted by Fun-TasTics on 11 May 2010
Resto Chinese Jadul
Nuansa restaurant Chinese jaman dulu. Rasanya enak, recommended untuk pesta atau entertain tamu.
Dapat diskon khusus apabila ada member cardnya

Review of Bondies

Posted by RizkyAbdillah on 10 May 2010
Great place to enjoy with friends and family
Ambience and Service
This place is one of the family restaurant's choice, in the back yard of this place you can see the playground for kids enjoying land while eating.

Review of Takigawa

Posted by sh3lv1a on 10 May 2010
Great Taste for scallop in dyna
scallop in dyna adalah menu favoritku, rasanya begitu nikmat disajikan dengan cangkang kerang.Roll Takigawa juga adalah pilihan yang tepat untuk dinikmati sendiri hehe. Bagi yang menyukai unagi, bisa memesan dino roll, atau unagi don buri. Selain sushi, ada juga menu chicken curry, udon dll. Jadi tidak usah kuatir untuk mengajak teman atau saudara yang tidak menyukai sushi, jadi bisa memesan makanan non sushi.

Review of Kafe Betawi

Posted by Luv P. on 10 May 2010
Betawi Food
makanan di resto ini not bad, soto betawi nya juga lumayan ok dan rawon nya sih agak beda sedikit dari rawon asli Jawa mungkin karena betawi kali yach... untuk rasanya sih lumayan dan pas dengan selera. harga nya juga masih rata-rata. tempatnya lumayan ok untuk cabang Pacific Place interiornya seperti makan di rumah khas betawi walaupun tempatnya tidak terlalu besar. bagi yang suka Indonesian food please try this food ok Happy

Review of Bumbu Desa

Posted by Luv P. on 10 May 2010
Indonesian Food
Bumbu Desa is one of Indonesian food restaurant. Bumbu Desa is little bit expesive, but when i came there its always busy and have to queuing and the service is very long until we have to wait until 15 minute to get the food. Taste of this food in Bumbu Desa is evarage but sometime there is have menu with price is unreasonable.

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